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The voices and whispers of those who have given their lives, work and effort to continue with the miracle of mezcal, travel like the wind through the desert landscape of this region of the Potosí plateau.

We simply proudly honor that oath between a land that overcomes everything, a legendary mezcalería with more than a century of vocation and a community passionate about the cultivation of maguey.

As heirs to that unbreakable pact, we present Júrame , the mezcal with which endearing promises are sealed, a sincere toast that is said to the eyes and goes straight to the heart.

Júrame is a crystalline mezcal, with an elegant sparkle, smooth on the drink and with exquisite aromas on the palate. Its flavor is the perfect company to toast and swear to the eyes.

We extract it from agave salmiana, a wild maguey that grows in the Potosí highlands. The plant is stubborn and stubborn, as it grows with admirable resistance despite the drought and frost typical of a semi-desert area. The maguey is treated with respect, by patient hands that value this natural miracle. That same respect is transferred to the production, because we do everything calmly, giving it its time, in an organic way. We even absolutely depend on the rain.

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Mezcalería La Flor

Town of Estación Ipiña, Ahualulco, San Luis Potosí.

Júrame is produced and bottled in the legendary La Flor mezcalería, proudly from Potosí.

After more than a century of history, with this mezcal we affirm bonds of work, cooperation and trust with a population that has seen the ebb and flow of hope. But, like the good maguey, we continue here to honor the tradition and the miracle of mezcal.