A new way to make a toast. Just say Júrame, a heartfelt vow.

Mezcal Joven

We treat the maguey with respect. Only patient and wise hands dealt with the ancient plant to produce the miracle of mezcal.

Júrame is a young crystalline mezcal with an elegant brilliance, a refined drink to seal the most endearing promises. Smooth to the taste and with exquisite aroma notes on the palate, this is a perfect match to make a new and profound kind of toast, a vow if you will:

Just say Júrame and look straight to the eye.


Made in San Luis Potosí, México.

Just say Júrame

Mezcal Joven
100% Agave Salmiana
750ml Bottle

Mezcal Júrame Package

1 Bottle of 375 ml
1 Bottle of 750 ml

Put on our oaths

T-shirts swear to me
for her and for him.
In black and white

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Wild in nature

We extract this miracle from the agave salmiana, a wild maguey that sprouts in the Potosino highlands. Júrame is proudly 100% made in San Luis Potosí, in north-central Mexico.

The three vows of La Flor

Our history goes way back, a century old legend held together by three elements of the Potosino highlands.