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Myths and reality are intertwined in “La Flor”, a mezcal distillery in central Mexico with a tradition that goes back more than a century.

Voices and whispers of those who have devoted their life, work and patience to preserve the miracle of mezcal, travel like the wind through the desert landscape of this region of the Potosino highlands.

We simply honor with pride the vow that ties together three essential elements in “La Flor”: a strong land, a passionate community that cultivates the ancient maguey, and a century old distillery with a legend of its own.

As heirs of that unbreakable pact we proudly present Júrame, a young mezcal to seal the most endearing promises, a sincere toast that aims straight to the heart.


Júrame is a young crystalline mezcal with an elegant brilliance, smooth to the taste and with exquisite aroma notes on the palate. A perfect match to upgrade a toast into a profound vow: just say Júrame and look straight to the eye.

Our mezcal is extracted from the agave salmiana, a wild maguey that sprouts in the Potosino highlands. This plant is a tough and stubborn one, as it grows with admirable resistance despite drought and frosts typical of a semidesert area. Our maguey is treated with respect, by patient and crafty hands that cherish this natural miracle. That same respect is transferred to production: we do everything calmly, giving it time because we absolutely depend on rain.



La Flor Distillery

Located at Poblado de Estación Ipiña.
Ahualulco, San Luis Potosí.

Júrame is produced and bottled at the legendary distillery of “La Flor”, proudly from San Luis Potosí. With more than a century of history, with this mezcal we renew vows of work, cooperation and trust within a community that has overcome all kind of difficulties throughout generations. As strong and stubborn as the maguey plant, at Júrame we keep honoring the tradition and miracle of mezcal.

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Júrame is made in Mexico

Our mezcal is proudly made in Estación Ipiña, in the Potosino highlands.


Contact: José Eduardo Lomelí